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Presenting at the 2021 Hollywood Fringe Festival 8/12-08/29


Asylum @ Stephanie Feury Studio Theatre (SFS Theatre mainstage)

5636 Melrose Ave

Saturday-8/14 @4pm PST

Friday-8/20 @530pm PST.

Thursday-08/26 @0815pm PST.

***All performances will be live-streamed and in person.

Queer: Drag, Drugs an Tick Tock Clock is  story about my journey of coming to terms with my Queer identity, and of the ever-raging battle between my inner Angels and Demons. The barrios of a Catholic (South America) Colombia, do not encourage self-expression for those of us that are different from the status quo. One finds himself desperately looking for self-love, through the art of Drag  and cocaine, while the song of a tick tock clock leads me to self-acceptance.

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